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Quick Freezing

Artisanal Day Boats

Each one of our frozen fillets is individually quick frozen within minutes of being processed insuring only the best quality frozen products being sold on the market. Many of our best customers have switched from exclusively using fresh fish to using our frozen production because they get more consistant quality, pricing and availability. 

A majority of our fish raw material is sourced from fishing cooperatives that fish with small boats that only go out for a day at a time. This ensures the best quality and consistency in every Fillet.

Gulf Pacific USA specializes in fresh and frozen Grouper Fillets and other seafood products from the Gulf of Mexico. GP USA is partnered with the largest day boat cooperative in Yucatan, Mexico. We operate 450 artisanal day boats and 15 short trip longliners in Yucatan. Gulf Pacific USA specializes in buying and producing artisanal day boat catches and short trip catches ensuring you get only the best quality fish on the market. We look forward to providing you and your company with the best fresh and frozen Grouper Fillets and other seafood products being produced out of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. 


Gulf Pacific USA